Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Q Week

Suppose to be our library day, but we got a REALLY late start and Mr. Robbins came home early from school. So, Javin wanted to stay home and play with daddy rather than go to the library.

We read: The Teddy Bears' Picnic by Jimmy Kennedy (we didn't get to it last week)

Book#10 (of the Christmas Countdown): We Believe in Christmas by Karen Kingsbury

Ok! Woke up with a good-get-stuff-done attitude. On the agenda for today? Library, Store, Michael's, Friend's & Young Women's.

We did get to the library and it was great, we got a ton more books than I thought we would. We talked about what a Question is and how you can tell a sentence is a Question (its a Question mark, duh). Javin then tried to pass off an exclamation mark as a Question mark, I explained the difference, who knows if he really gets it.

We read: The Three Questions by Jon Muth
ABC Kids by Basher (great)
Little Raccoon's Big Question by Miriam Schlein (great)
The Big Question by Wolf Erlbruch
Why Not? by Mary Wormell
Do Cows Meow? by Salina Yoon (LOVED)

We ate Chicken Stew with Butternut Squash and Quinoa, you can find the recipe here. (I excluded the olives and parsley - the people that I feed aren't parsley people, they're more meat & potatoes or mac & cheese with hot dogs kind of guys.)

Book#11:This Is the Stable by Cynthia Cotten

We watched Mirror Mirror, the Snow White movie, I thought it was hilarious. We watched it for the Queen, Julia Roberts. Javin wasn't too interested in it, but liked the fighting parts and the part were Brighton gets turned into a bug.

We read: The Human Alphabet  by (Human) Pilobolus
Mrs. Armitage Queen of the Road by Quentin Blake

Book#12: Queen of Christmas by Mary Engelbreit

I don't even remember what we did today. I've really gotten off the Letter of the Week track with Christmas gift shopping and wrapping and list making. I think we were suppose to go to the park and feed the ducks, they say Quack - duh, but we didn't make it.

We read: Be Quiet, Mike by Leslie Patricelli (great)
Q is for Duck by Mary Elting (confusing for kids that just barely know their alphabet and sounds)
Little Quack's Bedtime by Lauren Thompson
Alphabeasties by Sharon Werner (still LOVES)
This is what happens around 7:30 most nights because Javin refuses to nap, but obviously still needs one.

Book#13: N Is for Navidad by Susan Elya

We talked about some opposites, mostly Quiet vs loud and Quick vs slow. We did some experiments with the opposites, it was super fun!
We read: Quick, Slow, Mango! by Anik McGrory (cute)
While Mama had a Quick Little Chat by Amy Reichert (great)
Quick as a Cricket by Audrey Wood (cute)

Book#14: I'm not Santa by Jonathan Allen

Book#15: Always the Elf  by Kimberly Jensen (cute, but long)

Book#16: On This Special Night by Claire Freedman (great)

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